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Estate Planning

It's a topic many of us avoid but one that is necessary for the future welfare of ourselves and our families. At Werner Law, we will discuss your estate planning goals with you and review your assets as we help you develop your estate plan at a reasonable expense. Our Estate Planning Questionnaire will help you identify your assets and articulate your estate planning goals. At a minimum, everyone should have a health care directive, a will, and durable powers of attorney for health care and financial decisions in the event of your mental or physical disability.

One important goal for many clients is to design an estate plan that will avoid probate. Depending on your assets, there are various ways to accomplish this. One way to avoid probate is to execute a revocable inter vivos trust, or a living trust. If we establish a trust for you, we will also have you execute a pour-over will so that certain assets that are not transferred to your trust during your lifetime will be transferred to your trust at your death. A living trust can also become useful during your lifetime in the event that you become mentally or physically unable to handle your own affairs. In such cases, your designated successor trustee can make decisions on your behalf.